PPE at Hertford College

About PPE at Oxford

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics is a famous and highly respected course, combining great breadth with plenty of opportunity for detailed study of areas of particular interest. In the first year, you study all three disciplines, for exams in June (below is a first year PPE group, with tutors and lecturers, after their last exam). In the upper years there's a very wide choice, from two or all three disciplines, as you wish.

For Further Information

A summary of the PPE course is given on the University PPE admissions page. In the first year, Philosophy involves General Philosophy, Ethics, and Logic; Politics involves Political Theory and Comparative Government; while Economics involves Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. For details of upper year requirements (as they currently stand), see Peter Millican's document on upper year choices.

First years return from their last examination
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