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Arriving for a candle-lit student society dinner in Hall

Hertford: Good Accommodation, Reasonably Priced

All students have their own room, with telephone and free Internet connections, and shared kitchens, showers and bathrooms. In rent surveys by the Cherwell newspaper, Hertford accommodation has often been amongst the cheapest in the University. Most importantly, you are given college accommodation throughout your studies, which can not only save you plenty of money, but also a lot of time and hassle having to deal with (sometimes difficult and even dishonest) landlords and agencies.


Subsidised Meals and Special Events

The kitchen prices at Hertford are subsidised, so you can eat at a quality well beyond your budget. Breakfast (both cooked and continental) is provided during the week, and popular "brunch" at weekends. Self-service lunch and dinner (with choice of hot and cold, snacks, and vegetarian options) are available every weekday, as well as a served Sunday dinner following the Chapel service (and sherry in the Old Library for those who wish to attend). On Wednesday evenings there's an optional formal dinner starting at 7:15 (after the self-service sitting), and the Hall is often in use for other events, such as meetings of student societies. Being in a small college makes it exceptionally easy to organise your own special occasions, without having to worry about administration or restaurant costs.


Generous Financial Support

In line with our tradition of trying to attract the best students irrespective of their background, in 2010 we introduced an automatic £1,000 per year bursary scheme, funded by generous College alumni, to support students from families with modest incomes. We also have a variety of long-running support schemes, for example to help any students facing unexpected hardship, and to provide free accommodation for those staying in College over vacations for academic reasons.


College Annexes

Warnock House and Abingdon House, where most of our second years live, are just ten minutes' walk away next to Folly Bridge (beyond Christ Church). After spending your first year in Holywell Quad at the main College in Catte Street, you get to choose your Warnock or Abingdon room in a central ballot. Some students stay there for the third year also; some prefer to return to Catte Street (and again there's a central room ballot so the choices are all made fairly). Another option is provided by College houses in Winchester Road, North Oxford, between Woodstock and Banbury Roads, about three quarters of a mile from Hertford (and very convenient for some science departments).


Sports and Other Facilities

The JCR Page mentions facilities on the main site, including the JCR games and large-screen TV, coffee and relaxation rooms, library, computer rooms, laundries, gym, and music rooms. Away from the College, we have a sports ground at Edgeway Road behind the University Parks, together with its own squash courts, and a (newly refurbished) boathouse at a prime position on the River. The Sports and Clubs Page says more about the relevant activities, or you can link directly to the Hertford College Music Society or the Hertford College Boat Club.

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