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Currently PPE at Hertford College involves four tutorial fellows and four lecturers, who are listed below by subject:


Peter Millican is Gilbert Ryle Fellow and Professor of Philosophy; he is also Hertford College PPE Coordinator, and so has a pastoral role throughout your three years, whether you continue with Philosophy or not. His main research interests are in Epistemology and its history (especially David Hume), Philosophy of Logic and Language, and Philosophy of Religion. To the first years, Peter teaches General Philosophy, and he also gives the central Oxford University lectures in General Philosophy (recordings of which from 2009 can be found on YouTube and iTunesU). To the upper years he teaches History of Modern Philosophy, Logic and Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion.

  Peter Millican

  Most of Peter's recent research has focused on David Hume and related philosophical issues; see www.davidhume.org for more. To hear Peter discussing David Hume's significance for our understanding of the world, listen to this Recorded interview for Philosophy Bites.


Paula Boddington  

Paula Boddington tutors in Ethics, in particular teaching John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism to most of the first years (all PPE and PML). She is also a Research Associate at HeLEX Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies in the Medical Sciences Division. She has previously taught at Bristol University and the Australian National University. Her research interests focus on applied ethics, especially in relation to genetics, and on intersections between ethics and epistemology, and moral psychology.



Radoslaw Zubek is Fellow in Politics, having recently joined us from the London School of Economics, where he was Research Fellow in the European Institute. His main research interest is the comparative study of executives and parliaments in Central Europe. He is author of Core Executive and Europeanization in Central Europe (published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2008) and has published in the Journal of European Public Policy, West European Politics, Journal of Legislative Studies, and in various edited volumes. He has also worked as a consultant to private and public organizations including Ernst & Young, OECD-SIGMA and the Office of the Polish Human Rights Commissioner. Radek teaches Analysis of Democratic Institutions to PPE first years, and upper-year courses with a focus on Europe and institutions.

  Radek Zubek
James Panton  

James Panton is Lecturer in Political Theory, and also tutors Politics at St John's College. His main research interests are in political theory and intellectual history, especially issues of political engagement (from apathy to movements such as Feminism and the New Left), and questions about education, science, and contemporary political culture. James teaches Theorising the Democratic State to PPE first years. For upper-years he teaches Theory of Politics, Political Sociology, Political Thought: Bentham to Weber, and Marx and Marxism. James is also very active in debate on current issues, partly through the Manifesto Club (which he co-founded), and on BBC radio.


David Gill is Fellow in Economics at Hertford and a University Lecturer in the Economics Department. David's research focuses on behavioural economics, using both theoretical and experimental methods. Behavioural economics seeks to move towards a more realistic representation of how people choose and behave; in particular David studies the role of social preferences, emotions and bounded rationality in decision-making. David's teaching specialisms include Microeconomics and Game Theory.

  David Gill


Teng Ge  

Teng Ge is Lecturer in Economics, teaching Macroeconomics and Quantitative Economics. His research fields include Labour Economics, Public Economics, and Applied Macroeconomics, and his current research focuses on how job-matching friction affects efficient job-worker allocation and income distribution. Teng's other research topics include house price and transaction dynamics, search-and-matching theory, and migration.


Kadu Prasad is Lecturer in Economics, assisting with the Introduction to Economics course for first years. She is a D.Phil. student at Nuffield College working on Industrial Organisation, including price discrimination in wholesale markets and industries with network effects.

  Kadu Prasad



Alan Bogg is Fellow and Tutor in Law. His main recent research (with a book due in 2009) is on the influence of theories of politics on the changing legal relationship between trade unions, employers, and the State. In addition, Alan has published numerous journal articles spanning philosophy of law, theory of criminal law, and labour law, and his work has been cited in the European Court of Justice. Alan very much enjoys teaching undergraduates, mainly in Labour Law, Criminal Law, and Jurisprudence, an upper-year option for PPEists. His book The Democratic Aspects of Trade Union Recognition (2010) won the first Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship.

  Alan Bogg