PPE at Hertford College

The Junior Common Room

The "Junior Common Room" (nearly always shortened to "JCR") refers both to a set of rooms (with entertainment and other facilities), and to the undergraduate community. The JCR President (quite often a PPEist!) is the elected representative of all the undergraduates, sitting on various senior College committees, and there are numerous JCR committees that organise events, sports, clubs, welfare, advice etc. for students at the College.

A crowded JCR for the final of the Rugby World Cup in 2007 – sadly England are losing!

     The JCR rooms provide a pool table, arcade machines and table football, chocolate vending machines, and a 44-inch widescreen TV with Sky Digital, which is especially popular for watching football and other sporting events (the picture above was taken during the 2007 Rugby World Cup final, but unfortunately England are losing). With an international student body, even if your team isn't playing, you can always support your friends'. At the other end of the College, there's a coffee room named after Jonathan Swift (author of Gulliver's Travels and an alumnus of the College) where free hot drinks and newspapers are provided, and the Van Noorden room complete with lamps and beanbags (named after a notable Economics Fellow of the College).


Other On-Site Facilities

The Library makes very good provision for all of the PPE subjects, and remains open 24 hours a day so you can usually find the books you need easily at any time. If books aren't available in the College, you can ask your tutor to order them, and you also have access to excellent University lending libraries for each subject, as well as the world-famous Bodleian (which has virtually everything to read, but nothing to borrow). Increasingly many resources are now available also online, so you can do a lot of library work from the comfort of your own College room!

     The College has two JCR computer rooms, and free Internet connections in all student rooms. It also has a laundry room in NB Quad, and a gym in the basement with cycling, rowing, and other exercise machines etc. (The College annexes also have their own facilities, including computer rooms, Internet connections and laundries, and we have our own boathouse and sports fields.)

     Musicians can book the music room for private practice, but are also permitted to use the chapel (which is often used for professional recording). There are also four pianos available to JCR members, two of which are in larger meeting rooms.

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