PPE at Hertford College

Students reading in the front quad
The Hertford First Women's Eight, with PPEists Nia and Jess

Working Hard

The PPE workload is very demanding (see PPE Teaching for an outline), and we expect all our students to take their studies seriously. Hertford has a strong academic reputation, often in recent years being placed in the "top 10" of the inter-collegiate Norrington Table. In a recent analysis of all PPE Prelims results since 2007 (when the student record system began), Hertford was third-placed of the 32 colleges that accept students for PPE. In recent years, we have had PPE students winning Prizes for the strongest performance in PPE Finals in both Philosophy and Politics.


Playing Hard

PPEists are typically very active in University life, and also in the College (e.g. as JCR officers of various kinds, from President to Secretary to Welfare). When you come for interview or start your course, it's quite likely to be PPEists who are welcoming you, showing you around, and organising the fun social activities. Many also take part in sports, music, theatre, politics, journalism, and the wide range of other opportunities that Oxford offers.

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