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Tutors from Other Colleges

One of the great virtues of studying at Oxford is the wealth of academic expertise in the University, spread around the various colleges. Although most first year teaching is done within the College, in the upper years it is standard for optional papers to be studied with experts from other colleges. Indeed it can even be an advantage being at a relatively small college, because this means that there will be more "teaching swaps" taking place, giving you an opportunity to request particular tutors (e.g. if you have been to their lectures, or read their books, and want to work with them specifically).

     When this website was created, we put together a list of some of the tutors who had taught our Hertford students over the previous few years, and the courses for which they taught. Many of these were the main "Course Providers" or University lecturers on the courses concerned, hence specialists (indeed often world experts). The list became so long that we gave up trying to maintain it, though it gives the general idea!

     We tend to have reciprocal relationships, so that our own tutors will be asked to teach other colleges' students in their main areas. Since our own teaching is highly regarded, this enables us to maintain these beneficial arrangements.

Tutor College Course
Massimo Antonini St Peter's Economics of Developing Countries
Tim Bayne St Catherine's Philosophy of Mind
Chris Bickerton Wadham Politics of the EU
Lesley Brown Somerville Plato
Harvey Brown Wolfson Philosophy of Physics
Paul Chaisty St Antony's Russian Government and Politics
Tak Wing Chan New Sociological Theory
Antoni Chawluk Economics Command and Transitional Economies
Antony Eagle Exeter Knowledge and Reality
Steve Fisher Trinity Political Sociology
Bob Frazier Christ Church Philosophy of Social Science
Edward Harcourt Keble Ethics
Michael Hart Exeter British Politics since 1900
Sara Hobolt Lincoln Politics in Europe
John Hyman Queen's Aesthetics
Edward Keene Christ Church International Relations
Hartmut Mayer St Peter's International Relations,
International Relations in the Cold War
Tim Mawson St Peter's Philosophy of Religion
Ken Mayhew Pembroke Labour Economics and Industrial Relations
Daniel McDermott Keble Classical Political Thought
Terry O'Shaughnessy St Anne's Public Economics
Nicholas Owen Queen's Twentieth Century British Politics
Alex Paseau Wadham Philosophy of Mathematics
Gillian Peele LMH Modern British Government
Oliver Pooley Oriel Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence,
Philosophy of Physics
Mark Rebick St Antony's Economics of OECD Countries
Alan Renwick New College Comparative Government
Philip Robins St Antony's Middle East Politics
Joseph Schear Christ Church Post-Kantian Philosophy: Husserl and Heidegger
Chris Shields LMH Aristotle, Plato
Marc Stears University Bentham to Weber
James Tilley Jesus Political Sociology
David Wallace Balliol Philosophy of Physics
Ralph Wedgwood Merton Ethics
Stuart White Jesus Theory of Politics
Gavin Williams St Peter's Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
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