PPE at Hertford College

PPE Teaching Schedule

PPE is taken over three years, with one year working towards "The Preliminary Examination in PPE" followed by two years working towards "The Honour School of PPE". Each year consists of three terms of eight weeks. Oxford is unusual amongst British universities in teaching throughout all three terms. So you will get more teaching weeks than elsewhere, as well as being worked hard during those 24 weeks.

Bicycle – most useful transport for getting to tutorials, classes and lectures, though from Hertford everything is easily walkable

The First Year

In the first term ("Michaelmas"), you take Philosophy and Economics, in the second ("Hilary"), Politics and Economics, then finally in the third ("Trinity"), Philosophy and Politics. The Prelims examinations take place in the "ninth week" of Trinity term.

The Upper Years

The schedule for upper year courses is very flexible, because you can choose such a wide range, though in general the "core" courses get taught first (and the main Economics courses are centrally scheduled accordingly). The standard aim is to cover roughly two courses per term (or at least one and a half), with eight courses to be done in total by Easter of the final year (i.e. over five terms). Some people manage to achieve this by Christmas, leaving all of Hilary term for revision; more usual is to have some teaching hanging over into Hilary term. Over the last two terms, the College organises revision sessions to help you assimilate and clarify what you have learned: many students find this a rewarding experience, seeing their studies "come together" in a new way as they work across the whole range. The finals examinations start in fifth week of Trinity term (the only term of your PPE degree when you don't get taught right up until the end), and by the end of seventh week you will probably be celebrating!

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