PPE at Hertford College

Sports and Clubs

Recent PPEists have been very prominent in College student organisation, in the roles of JCR President, Secretary, Careers Rep, Environment Officer, Librarian, Welfare Officer, on Entertainments and Freshers Committees etc. Some have also been active in student politics across the University (e.g. in political clubs and OUSU). Others have also taken part in (and often captained) College Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Pool, Rowing, Rugby, Table Tennis etc. University sports have ranged even more widely, including Squash, Cheerleading, and Kickboxing!

Music and Theatre

Hertford College Music Society boasts an excellent Chapel Choir and Orchestra. Though both achieve a high standard and expect commitment, they do not audition, giving a great opportunity to keep up your musical interests even if you're not a star. Each year, Orchestra members team up with other invited players to form the Hertford College Bruckner Orchestra, specialising in late Romantic repertoire. Oxford also gives lots of opportunities for thespians (with recent PPEists both acting and directing), and our Baring Room has hosted many excellent productions.

PPEist Jess – as Boat Club Women's Captain – showers the triumphant Women's Second Eight (including PPEist Sarah), who have just won their blades with five 'bumps' in Summer Eights 2008
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