PPE at Hertford College

What Our Students Say about their PPE Teaching


These comments were volunteered by Hertford PPE students (of whom there were 21 at the time), and are representative of the views expressed by all. See also What Our Students Say about Life in Hertford PPE and What Our Students Say about Hertford College.

Tutors and Tutorials within Hertford College

One of the best aspects of PPE at Hertford is the quality of tuition. It may seem like a cliché to say so but our PPE tutors really do go out of their way to help students.


Tutorials were wide-ranging, interesting, and always challenging. It was great to be able to discuss your ideas with a tutor once a week. The process of defending my views has left me better able to argue my case in all areas. ... At Hertford, the relationship between PPEists and tutors has been pleasantly relaxed.

The tutors who teach the PPE course at Hertford are so friendly and completely dedicated to helping us with our studies. Whenever I have needed help with work that I am struggling with they have been only an email or phone call away, and every one of my 6 tutors has always been happy to offer me an extra class if I need it. Philosophy tutorials in particular sometimes seem more like a discussion with a (very intelligent) friend than a class with a tutor and I always really enjoy them.


Hertford is a great college to study PPE. I specialised in philosophy and politics after my first-year exams and found the tuition uniformly excellent. The college ensures that you can do any module on the syllabus, even if this requires tuition outside college. The philosophy tutors are very helpful and always available, be it via email or in person.

I find the Oxford tutorial system amazing, having two hours a week of just yourself and one or two others with an expert in their subject, sometimes the writer of the book you have read for the tutorial, is really helpful and interesting. The PPE tutors at Hertford far exceed what is expected in terms of commitment to their students, making sure that we get the best education


I'm now studying Economics and Politics, and Hertford offers fantastic tuition ... the lecturers in both subjects are incredibly keen tutors who will give you brilliant feedback on each essay, so you know exactly where you have gone wrong (or right!).

I've just finished my first year of PPE, and can honestly say I've loved all aspects of the course. All of my tutors have been extremely friendly and helpful, answering any queries I had right up until the day of exams. Their passion for their subjects, care for their students, and sense of humour has meant that tutorials have been nothing like the terrifying experiences I expected; in fact I've enjoyed every single one of them.


Hertford College creates a very friendly atmosphere, and the college staff and the tutors have also done everything they could to help everyone out. All the tutors, in Philosophy, Politics and Economics have all through the year done much more than demanded of them to help us and to make us feel comfortable. The help and support we have received have been perfect and they are always there for us. I have nothing but good things to say about Hertford College.

You definitely get well taken care of when doing PPE at Hertford, in particular by Peter Millican who acts as a central organiser for the PPE students. I particularly appreciate that the Hertford tutors are particularly good at responding quickly and helpfully to any concerns you have; you aren't left to muddle through on your own by any means. I have received some great tuition, and revision classes for our first year exams which were unbelievably useful.


PPE at Hertford has certainly been a challenge but it has also been immensely enjoyable. The challenge comes from being faced with demanding and excellent tutors, both from inside and outside college, whose keen attention to your work and your needs definitely encourages you to keep on top of things.

Having just completed three years at Oxford studying PPE, I could not have wished to have selected a better college than Hertford. The tuition I have received within college has been excellent and the tutors, ever enthusiastic and supportive, are always willing to go above and beyond to help the students.


I've been very happy with my choice of PPE and of PPE at Hertford specifically. The course promised lots of choice and hasn't disappointed, I'm doing all sorts of strange options this year and loving being able to construct my own degree. The tutors at Hertford have been excellent without exception and have been able to do most of the teaching in house.


Tuition in Other Colleges

Hertford has been able to forge some fantastic links with other college tutors to ensure that Hertford PPE students have access to some of the best tuition across the university. I was lucky enough to be taught Political Theory by Stuart White (Jesus College), one of the leading names in the study of the New Labour "ideology" and a brilliant tutor. Elsewhere, my Hertford Tutors have been able to secure me tuition by the course providers, so I will be taught by the authority on my subject, and my tuition will be geared particularly well to my exams.


I've had one tutor from outside College thus far, for political theory, who gave me and my tute partner some really interesting, funny and thought provoking teaching. Next term both my tutors will be from outside College, and you can be as broad in your option choices as you want because the Hertford tutors are great at finding tutors to fit your needs.

We are lucky at Hertford to have strong links with good tutors from other colleges which gives a huge amount of flexibility with regards to choosing what you want to study. For example the modules I have selected for my Finals range from, among others, Plato's Republic to International Relations in the Cold War to Jurisprudence and I have been taught by tutors from as many as four other colleges.


Whenever there is not a specialist in a subject at Hertford, I have been able to have tutorials with the best in the University in other colleges, with constant support from those at Hertford.

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