PPE at Hertford College

What Our Students Say about Life in Hertford PPE


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The social aspect of PPE at Hertford is something that may set it apart from other colleges; with both an informal Economics Society and a termly Philosophical Society dinner, it is difficult not to become good friends with Hertford PPEists from all year levels.


The PPEists formed a tight-knit group right from the start and this lasted right until the end of my time at Hertford. At Hertford, the relationship between PPEists and tutors has been pleasantly relaxed; so, apart from the tutes there have been sherry evenings and dinners! The Hertford atmosphere proved to be just as laid back and friendly as it had seemed on an Open Day.

Hertford is really friendly and integrated, and I cannot imagine myself at any other college. The termly Hertford Philosophy Society dinners are one of my favourite events at Oxford.


Unlike many colleges, Hertford succeeds in uniting the different years, and does so through both the Warnock Economics Society and the Philosophical Society, occasions where all years meet for a meal, drinks, and perhaps even some academic discussion! Being close to the years above is a definite advantage when it comes to understanding topics and getting hints on where to focus on the reading lists!

Oxford is a friendly place, particularly Hertford College, and I was made to feel very welcome very early. Oxford has so many activities to offer everyone that you don't have enough time to do them all including debating, sport, music, journalism, drama. Although there is work to be done, there is always a good crowd up for a night out or night in.


I have a fantastic experience of the social life at Hertford. I am currently goalkeeper for the men's football team, winger for the Hertford Rugby Team and keep wicket for the Cricket team. I've also had the opportunity to represent Hertford in skiing, lacrosse and croquet! Hertford has a very vibrant sports life, you have the chance to get involved in rowing, tennis, table-tennis, badminton, volleyball – anything!

I didn't realise until I came to Oxford how important your choice of college was to your experience of Oxford as a whole, but in hindsight am definitely glad I picked Hertford! It's a really friendly college, and everyone here balances a high standard of academic achievement with various extra-curricular and social activities really well.


Hertford College creates a very friendly atmosphere and encourages the members of the college to help each other out. The camaraderie and helpfulness among the PPEists have been amazing and have transcended the years. ... The college nurse, Yo, was wonderful to me when I hurt my hand rowing just weeks before Prelims.

I don't think there are many colleges that would have made my Oxford experience as balanced, healthy and enjoyable as Hertford. It's not a scary institution but a lively, exciting place to be, with students from all over the country (and from other countries) with many different backgrounds, which is not always the case in Oxford.


Outside of working life there has been a lot of fun involved in the PPE activities, whether it's been Philosophy Society dinners with the other Hertford philosophers to (the rather less refined) Warnock Society Events with the Hertford economists (E&M, MHE, EEM).

Hertford has a fantastic atmosphere. Known as a "friendly" college, it really does live up to this reputation, being home to a wide range of people. There are always people around and fun to be had in the JCR or Hertford's University-wide famed bar. I can't recommend Hertford highly enough to anyone thinking of applying for PPE at Oxford.

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