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What Our Students Say about Hertford College


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We are known for being a college that is open to people of all backgrounds, with some of the cheapest accommodation and fantastic welfare facilities. We do well academically as well as in sports and we have an excellent bar. With only 120 students in your year, you get to know them fairly well which is nice. The kind of school you came from is completely irrelevant at Hertford. We have people who are the first people to come to Oxford from their school, and we have people from Eton. I know that at other colleges there are cliques of people who all came from one school (or similar schools), and there is nothing like this at Hertford.


You can't go far wrong by picking Hertford. It's got a great central location, cheap rent, lovely accommodation, a large library, a lovely chapel, and the best bar in the whole of Oxford. Big on sport, big on music, big on drama, big in journalism – there's something for everyone. And because Hertford is one of the most progressive colleges in Oxford you'll find most people are very normal!

Hertford certainly lives up to its reputation of being a very friendly college. It's also one of the best located colleges in Oxford, being very close to the city centre's restaurants, pubs and clubs, and within walking distance of all the libraries used by PPE students. The bar is a great place to relax over a drink or begin a good night out.


Hertford gives you some unique opportunities. In your second year, you can take part in an exchange with a Japanese University, travelling to Japan on a subsidised trip and exploring the country for three weeks. On top of that, we have the best bar, with the best atmosphere in the whole of Oxford!

Accommodation is provided for students for the duration of their course, unlike at many other colleges, which saves a lot of time house hunting and a lot of money. The library has a really good supply of books, and our bar is a hive of activity every night, drawing students in from all other colleges!


Hertford College creates a very friendly atmosphere and encourages the members of the college to help each other out. The camaraderie and helpfulness among the PPEists have been amazing and have transcended the years. ... The college nurse, Yo, was wonderful to me when I hurt my hand rowing just weeks before Prelims.

Hertford is a lively, exciting place to be. The "friendly college" tag might sound cliched, but you'll not find a better mix of better people. The College is extremely central which is really great, and the annexes where second years live are less than 10 minutes away on bike, and can offer a nice change from the hectic central area.


Hertford College has provided a great background to my studies in PPE, with its central location, medium body of students, warm atmosphere and good facilities (including a 24 hour library which comes in very handy for those late night essay crises!).

In every aspect of my time here, from the academic side, to welfare and accommodation and also the social life, Hertford has proved a fantastic choice. The location of Hertford is superb and, although one of the smaller colleges spatially, it has a wonderful atmosphere.


The college in general has more than lived up to its billing as being "friendly". There are all sorts of people here and being guaranteed accomodation all three years means that we are a very tight-knit college. Our bar, location and atmosphere are first rate, and I think Hertford is an ideal launching pad for enjoying Oxford.

The people are friendly, the tutors are friendly, the college cat is friendly ... what more do you want from a college?

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