PPE at Hertford College

PPE Teaching

Teaching in Oxford takes various forms, depending on the type of material involved. Your main workload will usually involve writing essays for tutorials, and doing exercises for College classes. An average first-year week might involve an essay, plus a set of exercises (much more than most other universities, but you do get used to it!). In the upper years the workload is broadly similar, but will depend upon your choice of papers.

University Lectures

Lectures are organised centrally on all the main courses, so that typically you may attend between four and six hours of lectures a week. In addition to these "core" lectures, you will also have wonderful opportunities to attend lectures and talks on a wide range of other topics, often given by world-famous figures either based in Oxford or visiting.

College Tutorials

Tutorials are usually given in pairs, though some are individual and a few might be in threes. First year tutorials will usually be given by Hertford College tutors, as will upper year tutorials on courses in which our tutors specialise. For other courses, you will be tutored by academics from other colleges, and it is often possible for you to request particular tutors (e.g. if you have been to their lectures, or read their books, and want to work with them specifically). Hence it is no disadvantage to be at a college different from that of your favourite lecturer, or a college that has fewer PPE Fellows than some others: we encourage you to pick your own tutors!

College Classes

Technical topics, with relatively little scope for variety of opinion, are often best taught in small classes rather than tutorials. These will usually be organised within College, and will typically involve the whole year-group (e.g. the Philosophy year-group for first year Logic). In Hertford College the year groups are all of a nice size, making for socially pleasant occasions as well as education.

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