PPE at Hertford College

Why Choose Hertford College?

Hertford is rightly renowned as a friendly and very open college, one of the first five to go mixed (in 1975), and pioneer of the "Hertford Scheme" to encourage access for students from relatively modest school backgrounds. It retains this atmosphere of non-stuffiness, but is equally tolerant towards traditional Oxford pleasures (formal dinners, punting etc.). Here you can be yourself, but also enjoy new experiences and roles. Our PPE groups, in particular, have tended to take full advantage of these opportunities.

     We look only for academic potential, without any bias regarding your background (indeed our entire admissions operation is designed for this purpose). As a result, we get a broad variety of students, and perform strongly academically, typically within the "top 10" of colleges. We recognise that students have many interests, and you won't be pressured to sacrifice them all to your studies, but we'll encourage and help you to fulfil your potential, making Hertford a good choice for aspiring "high fliers".

     Hertford College has many other virtues, which you can discover through these pages (links to the left) and from the alternative prospectus and website (links below).

PPEists and friends in our student-run college bar, rated the best in Oxford by the student newspaper Cherwell

Alternative Prospectus

Click here to see the 2012 version of the Alternative Prospectus for Hertford College, produced by our own students to give their perspective on the College.


College Website

The College website gives a lot of information, including a section called Discover Hertford, which includes a gallery of pictures.

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